Fisheries Management

Freshwater fisheries in the Cromarty Firth region are managed by the combined activities of the Cromarty Firth Fishery Board and the Cromarty Firth Fisheries Trust.  

The Board is a statutory body with particular responsibility for salmon and sea trout and fishery protection both in rivers and coastal waters.

The Trust is a charitable body which supports a programme of research and management and has a remit for all native fish species.

Many years of research including detailed habitat surveys and electro-fishing surveys are at present being used to produce a Fishery Management Plan for the region which will guide future management.  These management activities will include; habitat management, management of the exploitation of fish stocks, maintenance of access for migratory fish, targeted stocking operations where appropriate, research and monitoring of the status of all fish species.

A Rotary Screw Trap used to estimate smolt production - River Orrin


Trapped smolts from the River Bran being released below Torr Achilty Dam

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